theMe&My Lilly Doll / Necklace

Chaya's Note

When I say that this doll was designed with love, I really, truly mean it. As adults, most of us are on a search for meaning and purpose in our lives. We might ask ourselves (or be afraid to ask ourselves!): Why am I here? What was I put on this earth to do? I wish I knew the exact answer for myself, but I know that what feels true to me is doing my part in spreading the message to children that they matter. That they are important. That their wants, feelings, opinions are not just valued and heard, but make a difference. I want children to know and feel that they are seen. So this is what's behind all the products on this site. 

I say this often: The world is a huge place, it's so big and most everything happens 5 feet off the ground. Everything is adult-sized. Part of the way I want to show children that they are seen and valued is by bringing the world down to their size. This is why many of the items at home on themeandmy are small. They're designed for little hands. Yes, it happens to be extra difficult for large adult hands to make small tiny hand sized things, but to me, this is my work. This is what I'm here for. Thanks so much for taking the time to explore the site and hear my message.

XO, Chaya


DESCRIPTION: theMe&My Lilly doll was designed with patience, care, and lots of love. It was created to bring your little someone comfort and security; To invite them into a whole new world of imaginative play; to introduce them to a lifetime buddy who they can love forever and ever!

SIZE: Me & My Lilly doll is 7-inches of pure cuteness! Lilly is a narrow doll, just under 2 inches wide! This is so that she can fit perfectly in our Me & My fans' little hands. It is easy to play, imagine, travel, and fall asleep with her! 

THE DETAILS: The details on the doll will make you want to buy one for yourself, too! See for yourself in the product images! theMe&My Lilly doll has ballet shoes with ribbon lace ups. She has curly blonde hair with a pink ribbon bow in her hair. Her eyes are stitched in, so you don't have to worry about those falling off! Me & My Lilly wears a beautiful two layer tulle dress over a soft plush fabric. The dress has a a gold belt. Her dress has a snap closure. In the back of Lilly's neck is a little loop where a necklace can be looped through to convert Lilly to a necklace! That way you can take her wherever you go!

ADD ON: There is an option to add a pink and white necklace for $3.

Please note that this is a handmade doll so each doll will differ slightly.
Recommended Ages 3+
CPSC tested and approved. 

At Project6nyKids, we have a few categories of accessories, such as hard headbands, adjustable wraps, clips, wreaths, bowties and more!

Our adjustable wraps can fit basically all head sizes since they are adjustable, so they are great for baby, toddler, and children with glasses that don't like having a hard headband behind their ears.

Most children begin transitioning to hard headbands at around age 4 or 5. Some great started headbands are the Rosebud, Heather, Floral Crown, and Ava styles as those are lighter weight.

Some of our headbands have rubber end caps and small tags, so for young children please make sure they are supervised when wearing the accessories.

Our clips are great for all ages and many work as bowties as well! If a product is listed as a bowtie, it might actually have an alligator claw clip and therefore, can be used as a hair clip, too!

Our wreaths are mostly found in our wedding collection and are great for most ages. If you are putting a pearl wreath (or any pearl item) on a child under 3, please be sure to watch them carefully.

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